Current Members

There are eight African Americans members currently serving in the Black Democratic Legislative Caucus.

Herod-CO-17Leslie Herod
State Representative – House District 8
Chair, Black Democratic Legislative Caucus

Northeast Denver

House Finance Committee, Chair
House Judiciary Committee, Vice-Chair
Committee on Legal Services, Vice-Chair




H-Fields, RhondaRhonda Fields
State Senator – Senate District 29
Vice-Chair, Black Democratic Legislative Caucus

North Aurora, Unincorporated Arapahoe County

Senate Assistant Majority Leader

Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Chair
Senate Judiciary Committee, Member




Exum-CO-17Tony Exum Sr.
State Representative – House District 17
Secretary, Black Democratic Legislative Caucus

Southeast Colorado Springs

House Education Committee, Member
House Transportation and Local Government Committee, Vice-Chair




Buckner-CO-17Janet Buckner
State Representative – House District 40

Southeast Aurora

House Speaker Pro-Tem

House Education Committee, Member
House Health and Insurance Committee, Member




Coleman-CO-17James Coleman
State Representative – House District 7

Far Northeast Denver

House Co-Whip

House Appropriations Committee, Member
House Business Affairs, and Labor Committee, Vice Chair
House Education Committee, Member



Jackson-CO-17Dominique Jackson
State Representative – House District 42

Northwest/Central Aurora

House Energy and Environment Committee, Chair
House Health and Insurance Committee, Member





Jovan Melton
State Representative – House District 41

Southwest Aurora, Unincorporated Arapahoe County

House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, Member
Legislative Council, Member





McBoatPhotography_AngelaWilliamsHeadshots-2Angela Williams
State Senator – Senate District 33
Northeast Denver

Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee, Chair

Legislative Council, Member
Joint Technology Committee, Member