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House passes bill to boost pay rate for state military forces

House passes bill to boost pay rate for state military forces

The Colorado House has passed legislation to raise minimum pay from $20 a day to $88 a day for state military forces when they’re called to serve during emergencies.

SB20-091, sponsored by Representative Tony Exum (D-Colorado Springs), passed March 2 by a vote of 61-0 and now awaits the governor’s signature.

“When our state’s military forces are called to serve during emergencies, the minimum pay is just $20 a day, or $1.67 an hour for a 12 hour shift,” Exum said in a news release issued by House Democrats.

That’s appallingly low. The brave men and women who respond to emergencies, such as wildfires and floods, deserve far more. Today, we sent legislation to the governor to more than triple the minimum daily pay for our lowest ranking personnel.”

Under current law, the governor can activate Colorado National Guard units during natural disasters or civil emergencies and the current rate of pay is determined by a member’s rank and years of service.

The minimum rate of pay, according to the news release, is just $20 a day, and guard members usually work 12 hour shifts — meaning the lowest-ranking members earn an hourly wage of just $1.67.

SB20-091, co-sponsored by Representative Richard Holtorf, would more than triple that minimum rate to $88 a day.